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PSO embedded online adaptive self-tuning UPFC shunt converter control

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The dynamic performance of a power system can be improved by using additional signals in a unified power flow controller (UPFC) circuits. Self-tuning adaptive control of phase angle of shunt converter for stabilisation is considered in this article. From the input-output data record, a linear plant model of the UPFC is identified through a least square regressive algorithm. Stabilising control is derived for the identified model through a variable pole-shifting technique. A particle swarm optimisation (PSO) search procedure is employed to determine the control which minimises the error between the identified and actual system outputs. Simulations carried out with the pole-shifting stabilising control for a range of operation demonstrate extremely good damping profile. Comparison of the responses with the optimised PI controls verifies the robustness of the proposed adaptive algorithms.

Keywords: power system control, UPFC shunt control, particle swarm optimisation, PSO, adaptive control, self-tuning control, unified power flow controller, shunt converter, simulation

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