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PUB - Singapore - Jurong - Case Study


Courtesy of Cambi Group AS

  • Client: PUB
  • Solution: CambiTHP - B6
The Jurong WRP, owned and operated by PUB (Public Utility Board, Singapore) is located in the Jurong district, in the west part of Singapore. The plant is treating sludge from the waste water plant. As part of the Phase 4 Expansion project PUB choose to implement a Cambi THP system to provide the thermal hydrolysis system to process waste activated sludge (WAS) from the Jurong WRP treating industrial and municipal wastewater. The WAS is pre-treated in the THP together with FOG (CGW), then cooled through Cambi tube-in-tube coolers before sending to the digesters of an existing anaerobic digestion, and then dewatered by centrifuge.

Cambi AS has supplied the THP (B6) (Thermal Hydrolysis Process) pre-treatment of anaerobic digestion as well as the digester coolers. The system can be expanded to allow for future capacity requirements.

 The main benefits of the Cambi installation at Jurong is:

  • High final cake volume reduction due to high DS content in the final cake
  • The energy production (biogas) from sludge is maximized,
  • The capacity of the plant is increased to cater for future expansion

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