Public consultation results: revision of the EU ecolabel regulation


1.1 Structure of the report
This report presents an overview of the results of the Commission’s public consultation on the revision of The Ecolabel Regulation (EC No 1980/2000). The first part includes background information. The second section provides an overview of the respondents involved in the consultation process. The main body of the report contains the analysis of responses received from the internet questionnaire. Conclusions can be found at the end of this report.

1.2 Background
The EU Ecolabel (The Flower) is the EU's own high-level award scheme for products which meet very high environmental standards.

Businesses which can show that their product meets the demanding criteria set by the scheme can apply to the body running the scheme in their member state (the Competent Body) to use the Ecolabel's Flower logo on the product and in advertising. The scheme currently covers twenty-four product groups, including tourist accommodation and campsites, and the logo appears on thousands of products across Europe.  The Ecolabel was originally established by an EU Regulation in 1992, which was revised in 2000. The Commission, which coordinates the running of the scheme, is currently reviewing and revising it again. The public consultation, which was carried out through an online questionnaire, was the second part of a process which began with an evaluation study in 2005.

The evaluation study concluded that the original ideas behind the voluntary scheme were still valid and desirable from a business perspective: The EU Ecolabel provides EU consumers with an environmental certification they can trust, unlike certain other labels which are 'selfclaims'. Additionally it can give businesses the opportunity to use one label for all their pan-European or global marketing. The EU Ecolabel is the only EU-wide label of its kind.

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