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Public-Private Partnership Approach For Sustainable Development

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Ruth P. Briones, in 2008 had drawn up a 25-year plan for an integrated waste management in the Philippines under the framework of Public Private Partnerships. The plan sets up Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Development Initiatives that apply proven solutions, leading edge information and comprehensive research.  The PPP  program substantiates the model for the development of economically viable and environmentally sustainable waste-to-energy project.

The degree of engagement of the two players in a Public-Private partnership is shaping a successful enterprise. The private sector provides entrepreneurship, financial support, innovating technology and expertise. This takes responsibilities for a sustainable solution, and adoption of approaches. The Public sector regulatory frameworks and supports are important for business to make the private investment viable.  Where the government traditionally exerted control (e.g., infrastructure and related services),in most of the cases, PPP allows private sector into areas of business. The public sector retains a significant role, either as the sole purchaser of the services or as the main enabler of the project. The private party commonly provides the detailed design, construction, operation, and financing for the PPP project, and is paid according to the performance


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  1. By Ramon Unson on

    WTE has been thoroughly and extensively researched for over 20 years. Environmental degradation especially on air is an unavoidable consequence when operating such processes whether for power or any industrial applications. Maybe a re-engineering of the waste and transform it to useful everyday raw materials might be a solution to the problem of the growing volume of municipal solid wastes that in the future there would be no more place to dump. Thanks Mon Unson