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Public research/industry relationships: efficiency conditions in current innovation

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An essential question about Public Research/Industry relationships is their efficiency to respond to industrial needs. Our research begins with a study of 32 cases of partnerships between public research laboratories and French firms, large and small. A principal component analysis is used to characterise various strategic contexts of partnerships. We observe in particular that partnerships are successful when dealing with current innovation. Two case studies illustrate these contexts. The first case involves a government research centre laboratory and small and medium firms. The organisational linkages adopted are technical assistance, tests, measures, modelling and designing, and training. The second case is a partnership between academic laboratories and large manufacturers of the automotive industry. It requires fundamental research through a long-term research program. We describe in particular the process through which efficiency conditions can be established. A number of lessons about managing such partnerships can be learned.

Keywords: public research-industry relationship, technological partnerships, technological innovation, current innovation, R&, D management, technology transfer, technology and innovation policies

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