Publication of the report about evaluation of substances dossiers


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REACH: evaluation of substances

The recently published annual report concerns the activity of the Agency about the evaluation of substances. In 2013 the evaluation activity focused on the control of compliance for the registration dossiers of substances: overall ECHA controlled 1130 dossiers, exceeding the target of 5% of the total number of dossiers presented for the registration deadline of 2010. 

In 61% of the cases closed in 2013, ECHA found that the dossiers didn’t comply with one or more requirements of information listed in REACH regulation, and so ECHA sent some requests for further information to the registrant companies. Most of these requests for information by ECHA are related to: the identity of the substance, the physic and chemical properties, the sub-chronic toxicity studies, the prenatal development studies and the exposure evaluation.

As a consequence of the ECHA evaluation decisions, two thirds of the evaluated registration dossiers were brought to compliance after an update. During 2013, the Agency sent 32 not-compliant cases to the responsible national authorities.

REACH evaluation: result of the evaluation process

After the successful completion of the first evaluations of substances’ registration dossiers, which started in 2012 by 17 Member States, ECHA took the first decisions with the agreement of the Member States Committee. The published report provides specific recommendations both to future registrants for the deadline of 2018, and also for current registrants who may need to update their registration dossiers of substances. 

The recommendations concern:

  • how to improve the chemical safety report to inform about the actual uses and risks of substances,
  • how to answer to the decisions and the requests of modifications of ECHA,
  • how to keep updated the REACH registration dossier.

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