HydroCal Inc.

Pulp & Paper Mill #1


Courtesy of HydroCal Inc.


This company manufactures Gypsum Wallboard on a one-cylinder machine. It furnishes recycled paper (box, cardboard and newsprint) and it operates 340 days/year. The system holds 100,000 gallons at 120°F. It's objective was to reduce sewer loading.


Hydrocal installed a CAF-1 50 unit and shut down the original pumps. The plant now shows a 97% reduction in sewer loading by recovering fiber, leasing wells to others, and recycling water to showers seals, and pulper.  There is no bacteria or odor buildup, and the chemical cost is $36,000 per year.

Influent:  600 gpm at 1 750 PPM (Water intake from the city is 100 gpm.)
Effluent:   600 gpm at 50 PPM recycled

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