Pulsar Top Tips to Safeguard Employees’ Hearing from Noise - Are you following the guidelines?


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Your employees' hearing is worth protecting

According to the HSE, over a million of workers in the UK are exposed to levels of noise at work which put their hearing at risk.

If asked, would you be able to prove that you are following the guidelines?

Here is a useful reminder produced by Pulsar covering the main employers' responsibilities towards the control of harmful noise levels in a work environment.


In addition, we have also produced a more comprehensive Guide to Controlling Workplace Noise for employers.  This short document covers the following:

  • Summary of employers' duties under the Control of Noise Regulations (2005)
  • The '5 Steps' to follow explained in detail
  • The two main methods of noise measurement: sound level meter and noise dosemeter methods
  • A short case study

You can download a FREE copy of the guide from our website by following this link.

Protecting workers and your visitors' hearing is vital especially if you operate in an environment where heavy machinery is in use. Our noise measurement equipment is mostly used indoors on factory floors, machine rooms, assembly lines, corridors, workshops, educational establishments or even entertainment venues.  Some of our sound level meters can be used outside such as on building sites or on the side of the motorway to measure transport noise for example. In some cases, we supply outdoor monitoring protection to transform our equipment into semi-permanent outdoor monitoring systems.

Our range of noise mesurement products covers a number of work applications and we invite you to consult it further on our website.

Make sure your business is prepared and protected – whatever the noise level.

For a wide range of advanced and easy to use noise monitoring equipment that can effectively measure the levels of noise and safeguard your employees' hearing in most work environments, visit Pulsar Instruments or ring one of our team members for further advice on 01723 518011 today.

Pulsar: First for Noise at Work products since 1969.

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