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Pump Scheduling Case Study


Courtesy of Thermancy Ltd.

There are 10 pumps at this station. The fixed speed pumps 1 to 9 have a duty of 4584 m3/hr at 65m, and pump 10 has a duty of 6000m3/hr at 65m. The pump monitoring equipment is fitted to all the pumps. The normal running combination is for 2 pumps to run during the day, 3 in the evening and 4 over night.


The logged data from the Pump Monitors identified the most efficient combinations of 2, 3 & 4 pumps to run, and by running these combinations, respective power consumption savings of 5.0, 4.3, & 3.2% were achieved.

At present, the pumps are not well matched to the pump system. By trimming the impellers of the pumps, a further power cost saving of 18% can be achieved.

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