Pumping Polyelectrolyte in waste water treatment


The Challenge

An industrial waste water treatment company required a cost effective solution to pumping polyelectrolyte.

The plant engineers approached Verderflex distributor, Global Pumps Australia, for a solution to the following problems:

  • Existing helical rotor pumps were expensive to run and maintain
  • The replacement pump would have to be able to transfer liquid polymer which is a thick, viscous liquid mixed with a 30% kerosene (hydrocarbon) carrier.
  • The pump had to be compatible with the client’s existing system
  • The hose would have to last a minimum of 3 months.


Global Pumps analysed the customer's current systems and the Verderflex Peristaltic Dura Hose Pump was selected for the following reasons:

  • Peristaltic pumps have a low shear operation ideal for shear sensitive products like polymers
  • Has the ability to handle viscous liquids
  • Has a good metering/dosing capability with ±5% accuracy
  • Is easy to service with only one wearing part, the hose, when compared to a helical rotor which has a stator, rotor, mechanical seal and more
  • The Dura provided longer hose life than conventional hose pumps

Verderflex’s Dura Hose Pump has now been installed for more than 1 year. The customer has reduced their process downtime, improved their operational efficiency and reduced the overall maintenance cost after moving to peristaltic pumping technology.

Customer comments

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