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Pumping water to decontaminate a karstic spring


Courtesy of Varisco S.p.A

After being struck by lightning, an underground military fuel tank lost all its contents. After a few hours, petrol mixed with foam began to flow out of the nearby Forame spring, situated about 400 m away and at a height of 7.0 m lower than the bottom of the tank.

The spring feeds the Giavera stream which, after about 1000 m enters the upper Veneto plain, flowing into the irrigation network. After a hydrogeological study and exploration at the spring, carried out by four speleologist divers, the method of decontamination was decided on. Varisco provided the technicians with personnel and various pumps, some with explosion proof motors, to solve the problem.

After draining the cave with a submersible pump set up by the divers at 11 m depth, the polluted water was pumped out by an engine driven Simple 6” pump which, through a delivery pipe 1600 m long through the woods, carried the water with a constant flow of 8 l/s to the purification plant.

In this way, 7,760 m3 of liquid were pumped, and about 7 tons of petroleum products extracted.

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