Pumps in lubricant production


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A major business segment at Hermann Bantleon GmbH is the development, production, and sales of lubricants. At its plant in Ulm, Germany, this company starts with high-quality base oils and produces both universal and customized lubricants according to its own formulas. Customized products are often the best way to meet special requirements in cutting and non-cutting production processes. They can also make a big difference in terms of efficiency. Hermann Bantleon is the largest shareholder in the lubricant section of German company AVIA International and sells its products around the world, either through its own network of resellers (China, India, Brazil, Bulgaria, Turkey, and others) or through AVIA trade partners.

Bantleon mixes additives to a variety of base oils according to internally developed formulas. Its quality-assurance system ensures the customer a consistently high level of quality. Accordingly, retained samples are pulled from every batch and tested in Bantleon's own laboratory. They are then subjected to an additional approval procedure before filling into packages. After approvals, the products are placed into intermediate storage in a 3500 m2 logistics center (built in 2006) until they are pulled for orders. With its own fleet of vehicles, Bantleon is able to deliver to customers within five working days of receiving an order, although a majority of orders are actually filled within about three working days. Fast reaction times and flexibility are additional elements of its customer service.

Pumps of several different types and sizes play a major role in the manufacturing processes at Bantleon. For nearly 30 years, this company has relied on Allweiler AG of Radolfzell, Germany for the pumps it needs. In fact, nearly 40 screw pumps of the 'SNH' series have been in service in Bantleon's base-oil tank farm throughout this time. Incredibly, not one of the pumps has failed for an extended period of time or required repair during these three decades. Only the gland packing (no longer common as a type of gasket) occasionally required replacement. At Bantleon, a long service life, low investment costs, and high availability are major criteria for choosing a pump. Good past experiences are a major reason why this company continues to purchase new pumps from Allweiler. This is true for pumps needed to expand its own production as well as for plants that Bantleon constructs for its customers. In addition to product sales, the company also offers related systems and a complete fluidmanagement system. This includes systems for storing, filling, and metering lubricants. The company's motto is 'the right lubricant in the right quantities in the right spot.' Compliance with environmental and worker protection regulations is a natural part of doing business.

In both cases, it is not enough for the pump manufacturer to just deliver high quality pumps. Even more important is the use of standardized procedures with which Bantleon can quickly and easily select the right pump for the job. If specific cases still require calculations in order to find the very best pump and configuration, the manufacturer is happy to do this as a free service. For this reason, the company is even willing to accept purchase prices that are higher than those offered by other pump providers. Rainer Janz, responsible for product and quality management at H. Bantleon GmbH, puts it this way: 'The pumps we get from Allweiler exhibit consistently high quality; this gives us very high process stability and virtually no downtime.' These benefits go straight to the company's bottom line because back-up pumps are unnecessary. Finally, Bantleon values superior design. Allweiler pumps have very good NPSH values (less than 3 m), so that long piping and deep tanks ensure adequate reserves for pressure losses.

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