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Purpose of Air and Surface Mold Sampling or Testing during Assessment


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As part of determining whether an indoor environment is contaminated with excessive amounts of mold and requires remediation, Indoor Environmental Technologies (IET) routinely performs air and surface mold sampling or testing. While there are many types of sampling, IET uses two of them the most:

  • Air sampling using a “spore trap” sampler. Considerable information can be obtained about the environment from which the sample was taken by determining the types and concentrations of mold spores and other particles in the sample.
  • Surface sampling using a “tape-lift” method. This method can determine what molds are growing on a surface, if mold is present at sub-visible concentrations, or if mold spores have been settling out of the air in an unusual quantity.

Note: This very brief discussion is Mold Sampling 101. There are many exceptions and complications not discussed here.

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