Putting a circular economy into practice in China

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Promoting a circular economy has been identified as China’s basic national policy, according to the recently enacted 11th five-year plan for China’s economic and social development. Because of the importance of the development strategy used for this purpose, an implementation framework is proposed in this paper. First, a program is suggested for practically implementing a circular economy in China to serve as a demonstration, beginning at the level of enterprises, then industrial parks, then expanding to cities and regions, thus enabling accumulation of experience to facilitate reasonable decision-making at each successive step. Legislation is also urgent. Certain issues involving legislation, for example the rules the law requires, maneuverability, public involvement, and referencing of developed countries’ experiences, must be effectively addressed. Finally, a scientific and effective assessment system should be developed to obtain accurate information and improve guidance. Assessment indices should include an economic development index, a green development index, and a human development index.

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