Putting a Lid on Catalyst Issues

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Courtesy of DCL International Inc.

While it is a given that emissions control technology must first and foremost remove harmful constituents from the engine exhaust gas stream, it is equally true that they must also be able to operate in the real world, where durability, reliability and serviceability are critical. It was with those facts in mind that DCL International Inc., the Concord, Ontario, Canada, supplier of advanced emission control systems for stationary and mobile engines, developed the next generation of its QUICK-LID catalytic converter system. The QUICK-LID catalyst systems, first developed in the mid-1990s, are targeted toward diesel and natural gas engines used in power generation, gas compression and other industrial drive applications.

The new QUICK-LID systems incorporate a range of new features, most of which are intended to improve serviceability and access. “The main objectives were to improve the reliability of the system,” said John Muter, technical manager at DCL. “Because the whole purpose of the QUICK-LID is to be a housing our customers interact with, the main way to do that was by making the maintenance easier. “If it’s easier for them to maintain, they’ll do a better job and the system will be more reliable. They are designed to serve for 10 years or more and they’ll need to be maintained many times during that life.” Perhaps the most significant enhancement of the new generation QUICK-LID units is the elimination of the gasket around the catalyst element. The only remaining gasket in the unit is located around the lid portion of the catalyst housing to prevent leaking. The elimination of the gasket offers significant savings to the customer, the company said, and also allows for easy replacement and cleaning of the catalyst element. “You will never have to purchase another gasket for your catalytic converter,” noted Paul Cook, manager, North American Sales-Industrial Catalyst Division. “The gasket located on the lid is made of durable material that rarely needs replacing.”

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