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PVC injection molding technology


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PVC injection molding process application:

water supply pipe, home appliance pipe, house wall plate, industry machine housing body, electronic products packaging, medical equipments, food package.

Injection molding process condition
Material dry: usually it don’t need dry.
Melt temperature: 185~205 degree
Mould temperature:20~50 degree
Injection pressure: up to 1500bar
Holding pressure: up to 1000 bar
Injection speed: in order to avoid material degradation, usually use fast injection speed.

PVC injection molding
Runner and injection gate: all the normal injection gate can use, if the plastic parts is very small, then it will be better to use valve gate or submarine gate, for the large plastic parts with thick wall, then it will be better to use fan-shaped gate type. The valve gate smallest diameter should be 1mm or bigger.
PVC material Chemical and physical prosperity: PVC is the most extensive used plastic material.�
PVC material is amorphism material, usually when injection molding the PVC material, it will also add stabilizer, lubricant, antiimpact agent and others. PVC material is with low flammability, high strength .

PVC injection molding technology
When injection molding the PVC material, melt temperature is an important parameters. Due to PVC material with low MFI, its injection molding process parameter range is very small. PVC shrinkage is very low, usually is from 0.2~0.6%.


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