Pyrolysis as a promising solution to tire disposal

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Courtesy of Technokomplex

The problem of solid and liquid waste utilization has a great ecological and economical significance for every developed country in the world. Low-temperature pyrolysis is evaluated as one of the promising solution to the growing disposal problem. Recycling old tires by closed pyrolysis method helps to reduce the quantity of emissions and protect natural resources. As a bonus, if you go about it in the right way, you can also make a profit from old tires recycling.

Many companies, including Technokomplex, offer solutions to this problem helping to turn the scrap tires into productive items. The equipment designed for recycling and utilization of rubber- and polymer-containing wastes, oil sludge and waste oils allows not only to rid oneself from the problem of stockpiling old tires but helps production of derived products of better quality as well. It is a practical decision to the problem of waste utilization and many more companies becoming interested in such practices turns to new proven technologies to have a chance for a momentary ecological problem solving in their region.

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