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Ashanthie Tudugalle (Ashi) is the newest member of the DelAgua team and is the company’s Technical Services Executive. Ashi recently completed a PhD at the University of Surrey in Microbiology & Immunology where she spent the last 6 years conducting research into microbial diseases.

Ashi has vast experience with DelAgua Testing Kits as they were initially developed at the University of Surrey. The first prototype was built in conjunction with Oxfam in 1984, where it can be seen in the Science Museum’s online archive. The kits have come a long way since then!

What is the DelAgua Kit? The DelAgua Water Testing (DWT) Kits were designed to monitor the quality of drinking water through testing chemical parameters and microbial content. Each DWT kit has been uniquely designed to meet the varying needs of water testing in compliance with WHO safe drinking water guidelines. If you are unsure which of the 6 kits best suit your needs, try out the DelAgua handy online tool.

What’s in the kit? Content details are listed with each kit as the list is too long to mention here! All kits come with an incubator as standard, plus all essential equipment and reagents needed to investigate the necessary parameters, including enough consumables to carry out 200 tests. All DWT Kits are different and can be customised to your preference, with many digital upgrades available for all parameters.

Who can use the kit? Anyone! Our users vary from NGO’s, universities, governments, companies and more. DelAgua kits are used worldwide, particularly in emergency situations after natural disasters when high levels of sanitation are vital. Read about how they are helping after the Nepal earthquakes here.

Where can it be used? The kit is fully portable and can be used at any time or place. It can run for 5 full incubation cycles before it needs charging, which can be done simply from a car battery. Kits are supplied in a rugged pelican case for easy carrying.

What does it test for? The principle parameters to test for safe drinking water are turbidity, free and total chlorine, pH and microbial contamination. You can search the website for products by parameters, if needed.

Is it easy to use? Absolutely. All kits are supplied with an instruction manual and USB stick with step-by-step videos. You can always check our YouTube page for the latest testing hints & tips, or contact us for advice. DelAgua can supply all the consumables you need and offer speedy delivery anywhere in the world.

Do you offer training? Yes! Our specialist team are on hand to provide expert training in our new training facility, please contact us for more details.

What else do DelAgua offer? In addition to providing the kits, reagents and equipment to carry out a huge array of water testing parameters, DelAgua are unique in that we supply our own branded products as well as a large portfolio of other leading brands in water testing.

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