QChem flue gas cooler - Case study


Courtesy of Sauereisen Inc.

Project: Qatar Chemical Company (Q-Chem)
Location: Qatar
Engineer: In-House
Applicator: Cape East Refractories
Sauereisen Representative: Virtual Scientific

  • High Temperature membrane No. 89
  • Lightweight Acidproof Concrete No. 54LW

Environment / Exposure:
A major petrochemical manufacturer in Qatar needed a solution for a severe corrosion problem in the flue gas cooler of its incinerator. Although the incinerator had only been in operation for slightly more than nine years, its current construction material had deteriorated so significantly that the unit was in jeopardy of failure. The flue gas cooler is a vertical chamber of 8-mm-thick, half-Molybdenum steel with a diameter of 3.7 m and a height of 13.7 m. As 1,100°C flue gas moves downward through the chamber, water is injected into
it by six spray nozzles near the top, forming water droplets which evaporate and cool the gas to 210°C by the time it reaches the bottom. The plant’s engineering staff conducted a reliability analysis of the corrosion problem. Upon inspection, it was noted that the original thickness of the main shell had been reduced from 8 mm to only 4 mm due to heavy metal loss. At the assumed thickness of 4 mm and the present rate of corrosion, they concluded that the equipment would only be able to run for a period of six months unless the steel was protected both thermally and from the corrosive effects of the flue gas.

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