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QIC-Biostream - exhaust gas analysis of small scale fermenters


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The application of the Hiden QIC-Biostream gas analysis system is to monitor the off-gas and vapours from up to 80 small scale fermenters for yield optimisation and process screening.


Biotechnology is an extremely important area for the 21st century and information relating to yield of a product is crucial to most Biotech Companies.

From a research perspective, it is very useful to effectively monitor the yield from small scale fermenters to prove the worth of a particular product before scaling up production to large scale plants.

The QIC-Biostream provides accurate fast, real time measurement of exhaust gases from the small gas sample available from small scale fermenters.

The Hiden QIC-Biostream is a mass spectrometer gas analyser configured with a Proteus 40 way multistream sampling valve configured for low flows from 4ml/min, making it an ideal instrument for measuring fermenter off gases and vapours with high accuracy.

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