Quaker Chemical Case Study - Raw Material MSDS Management

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Courtesy of UL - The WERCS

Quaker Chemical Corporation, with revenues of $450 million, is a leading global provider of process chemicals, chemical specialties, services, and technical expertise to a wide range of industries — including steel, automotive, mining, aerospace, tube and pipe, coatings, and construction materials. As Quaker continues to expand worldwide, their existing outsourced material safety data sheet (MSDS) system for raw materials could no longer efficiently support their global requirements and complexities. They began searching for a company and software solution that could not only fit their current needs but also was scalable to meet their future needs.

Quaker had a number of existing challenges that needed to be solved in a new software solution. Because their data center in Europe required access to the MSDS system, as well as “line workers” located at varied facilities globally, it was essential that it be user friendly for various levels of technological proficiency. Also, because of the worldwide locations, the system needed to be available 24/7. Another challenge for the new software would be the ability to maintain an updated library of supplier raw material MSDSs with Quaker’s limited internal resources.

Quaker developed specifications and goals based on their internal needs and benchmarked with several companies. They evaluated commercial third-party options including 3E, Dolphin, and MSDS Solutions. After identifying pros and cons for each potential solution, Quaker selected The Wercs DOCUWERCS® solution combined with supporting services from Wercs Professional Services (WPS). The Wercs’ extensive history and experience in providing automated global MSDS authoring technologies, combined with their adept staff, made them the perfect solution to Quaker’s complex requirements.

Full implementation of the DOCUWERCS solution was implemented in April 2007. The scope of the system includes vendor MSDSs from Quaker Chemical and their subsidiaries, AC Products, EPMAR Corporation, and Q2. Specifically The Wercs and WPS now provide Quaker:

- Management of 1600+ active documents u Management of multiple vendors for same material
- A WPS database review to obtain new MSDSs for anything older than three years or to verify current version
- Multiple search criteria available for MSDSs to allow quick access for employees and line workers
- Outsourced ongoing management that requires little internal resources
- A reliable security system
- Ease of use
- Expandability for locations around the globe
- Cover sheet information for the plant
- Same look and feel as the web server for finished goods
- Supplier updates on old MSDSs
- A process flow for adding new and updated MSDSs

The WERCS® MSDS authoring and classification software has become mission-critical for the safety, health, and environmental group within Quaker.

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