Qualitative determination of alachlor in water


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ANALYTE: Alachlor

RANGE OF DETECTION: Qualitative Detection at 0.1 ppb

Alachlor RaPID AssayÒ kit. Equipment: Pipets capable of delivering 200 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, and 1 mL, Magnetic Separation Unit, RPA-III - Micro Reader / Printer Battery Case (optional) or equivalent photometer, tape (optional), paper toweling, tin foil (optional).

To detect alachlor at the lowest reliable levels it is recommended that the 0.1 ppb Standard be used as the positive control and the Diluent/Zero Standard as the negative control. Various other levels of calibrators (e.g. alachlor standards) are supplied with the kit and can be used for other detection limits. When performing the assay outdoors it is important to shelter the magnetic rack from direct sunlight during the incubation periods by covering it with the shipping box or tin foil. If the shipping box is used, the lid should be removed and fastened over the shipping box windows with staples or tape. Color intensity (ABS) is inversely proportional to concentration of pesticide in the sample. If a sample develops a darker color (higher ABS) than the calibrator used, the sample contains a lower concentration of pesticide than that of the calibrator. Conversely, if the sample develops less color (lower ABS) than the calibrator used, the sample contains a higher concentration of pesticide than the calibrator. When combining the upper part of the magnetic rack with the magnetic base, press the upper rack and the tubes firmly onto the base to assure proper contact with magnets. When performing the assay outdoors, the tubes may be blotted by holding the the assembled rack in one hand while paper towel is held in the other. Alternatively the paper towels may be taped on a level surface.

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