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Quality and quantity survey of hospital wastewaters in hormozgan province

Nowadays in many societies, access to healthy water and the amount of water consumption are considered as aspects of sanitation situation and development of societies. The consumed water in daily life is recycled to primary source in some ways, but it is in the form of a liquid containing the consumed water and different contaminants that are entered during consumption. One of the important environmental problems which are increased by population growth is the spread of wastewater contaminants, for example hospital wastewater which results in surface and underground water contaminations. Specifications of hospital wastewaters, have made these kind of wastewaters special in environmental contaminations control issue(Jolibois and Guerbet, 2005). Hormozgan province, located in south part of the country has two climates: One of them is mountain region that has semi moderate climate and other areas located in hot and dry climates. In general, Hormozgan province is affected by the desert climate and has got long and hot summers and short and moderate winters (Anonymous, 2005). The consumed water of province’s hospitals is supplied through public network which is followed by hospital wastewater production.

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