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Quantitative evaluation of building technology

Adequate and reliable methods of quantitative evaluation of Construction Technology (CT) are hardly available now. However, quantitative evaluation could allow us to determine the influence of the CT on the structure of an enterprise, its commercial activity, etc. The approaches described in the literature do not take into consideration the specific character of construction industry. Some methods are intended for a wide variety of industries and therefore, can hardly be used for precise evaluation. The quantitative methods suggested in the present investigation are aimed at evaluating quantitative and qualitative aspects of enterprise production programmes, depending on the applied technologies. They are based on the Construction Systems (CS) of buildings and structures. The quantitative aspect reflects the consistency of technology expressed as the variation degree of the volume and number of CSs. The qualitative aspect shows technological effectiveness of the CS of enterprise programmes. The calculation of the criterion value of CT for actual enterprises has shown that the suggested methods can be successively used for practical applications.

Keywords: production programmes, construction enterprises, construction technology, quantitative evaluation, construction industry, technology management, buildings, structures

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