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Quarry impact assesment at Arclid quarry


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Project: Arclid Quarry

Client: Bathgate Silica Sand

Location: Spill response, environmental sampling, risk assessment, regulator liaison

Services: Impact assessment, abstraction licence support and geotechnical advice

Archibald Bathgate Group Ltd is the UK’s largest, independent, specialist producer of silica sand, supplying around 8-10% of the United Kingdom’s total production.  All production is based at its Arclid Quarry, Cheshire which has been worked for nearly 60 years.  The Quarry produces high quality silica sands for a wide range of uses including for the foundry and leisure industries.

ESI has been retained by ABG for over 10 years to advise on groundwater matters related to the operation of the quarry.  Initially ESI prepared an impact assessment to support the rationalisation of the large number of planning permissions at the site.  Following the success of that application, ESI provided specialist advice over a number of years, particularly in relation to abstraction licences and geotechnical issues at the site.  ESI has also provided a cost effective annual service to review environmental data collected by the site in compliance with planning conditions.

More recently ESI supported the company’s application for a small western extension and a larger eastern extension by preparing new impact assessments for the site.  Both of these applications were approved, with the planners commenting on the high standard of the submissions.  These applications will provide mineral reserves to ensure the long term future of operations at the site.

ESI is recognised as a UK centre of excellence for groundwater studies.  The excellent quality of our service and high rates of staff retention mean that we can offer clients long term support on sites such as this.

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