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Quarterly Product Spotlight - The M42BC Vertical Baler

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Harmony’s January-March Product Spotlight


Get the best pricing on one of our most popular low profile balers, the M42BC Vertical Baler!

Cardboard and plastic waste is accumulating at a pace never before seen in the retail and residential housing industries.  Business owners and apartment building managers need an efficient and affordable solution to this growing problem.  Both of these valuable commodities can be recycled to create additional revenue where there once was a waste expense.

Some of the problems that prohibit people from utilizing a baler solution in their waste and recycling efforts include:
  • a lack of operational space
  • the inability to get equipment through confined location entrances to their stockroom
  • electrical supply constraints
  • safety concerns and ease of operation
  • overall cost

The M42BC is our Quarterly Product SpotlightOur first Product Spotlight of 2018, the M42BC Vertical Baler, allows you to navigate past these hurdles and put the most convenient and efficient baler on the market to work for you today!

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