Quietly Saving 425 HP on Five DAFS

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Courtesy of World Water Works, Inc.

Great Lakes Pulp & Fibre, Menominee, Michigan, USA invited World Water Works to demonstrate the ability to reduce operational costs associated with two Poseidon dissolved air flotation systems (DAFs). The mill stipulated that the performance of the DAFs must not be negatively affected by any operational cost reductions. The inefficiency of the existing air dissolving technology presented the area of greatest savings and was the focus of this study. For the testing period, World Water Works provided two Nikuni pumps at no charge to the mill for the testing period. The goal of the test was to maintain performance while eliminating compressed air consumption and substantially reducing the horsepower associated with operating the system. OVERVIEW In 1996, Great Lakes Pulp & Fibre built a recycle pulp mill in Menominee. A Poseidon PPM-4200-E was installed to clarify the gravity decker filtrate. The units were functioning well, achieving 95% removal of suspended solids at low polymer dosages. However, Joe Ziemba, senior process engineer, understood that profitability in the pulp industry required getting the most from equipment. The high energy consumption, cost of chemistry, and maintenance associated with these DAFs appeared to offer an opportunity for improvement. Ziemba’s research led him to World Water Works, a manufacturer of DAF systems. The company improves existing DAF systems through applying portions of its technology to existing systems to reduce operational costs and/or improve performance. World Water Works was invited onsite to investigate the opportunity.

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