R1-348 decontamination @ Ontario power generation

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Courtesy of KT Chemicals, Inc.

  • RP checked and after several masslins left area and posted 5,000 cpm loose
  • Extensive Decontam in this area attempted due to > 10,000 cpm loose, masslins and wet mopping

Applying Decon Gel

  • Gel applied 3” up the wall
    • Lesson –tape edge and ensure adequate thickness
  • Drain covered with tape 

Peeling up the coating

  • The Coating was peeled the next day
  • It came up from the floor very easily

Peeling up the coating

  • Peeling was difficult on the wall
  • Untreated Concrete
  • Gel coating not thick enough

Contact Gamma of peeling

  • 4.5 mrem contact gamma of the peeling
  • More than expected recovered on the peel
  • Area at the HX1 now has 0 cpm loose
  • Rubber Area has been removed.

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