Radioiodine Collection Filter Efficiency Testing Program


Courtesy of F&J Specialty Products, Inc.

The key elements of the F&J quality assurance program for the manufacture of TEDA impregnated charcoal and silver zeolite cartridges utilized in the collection of airborne radioactive iodine species in power plant atmospheres include the following:

1. Testing is performed on every batch of adsorbent material

2. Testing is performed at different flow rates in order to have    representative data across the flow range utilized by power plant personnel.

3. Integration of new batch data from individual batches into data of all previous batches.

4. Development of data for different sampling scenarios

5. Determination of “Pressure Drop” data vs. flowrate for each type of adsorbent material.

6. Creation of graphical representation of the collection efficiency vs. flow data and determination of mathematical equations that represent the efficiency vs. flow relationship.

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