Raffen landfill site, Cork, Ireland


Courtesy of Automatic Flare Systems Limited (AFS)

AFS were awarded a contract to design a gas and leachate collection system, and carry out a 10-week gas pumping trial to evaluate the levels of gas being generated from Raffen Landfill Site.

From the pumping trial data, a 200m3/hr HT flare was designed, built and installed. A hydrovane compressor/receiver/dryer package was installed to operate ten pneumatic leachate extraction pumps.

Within the combined gas extraction wells, a pressure transmitter was installed. The transmitters were powered by solar panels.

The information from the transmitters is communicated via a wireless network to a SCADA system based at the site manager's office. The flare data is also transmitted to the site SCADA. The SCADA can print out a monthly report on all parameters to be forwarded to the EPA.

The flare is fully automatic in operation.

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