Rain water meets thermal water – Drainage system in wellness-oasis

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Courtesy of INTEWA GmbH

The new “Kristall swim and health spa” in Ludwigsfelde is going to be the “finest spa resort” in Europe, the investor believes. On 4 November 2005, only five months after laying the foundation, the work was finished. The celebration crown was mounted on top of the wooden frame for the transparent dome roof, under which visitors will enjoy Mediterranean wellness delights. 300,000 visitors are expected here every year.

or the two roof surfaces of 2,500 and 2,800 m2, the builder sought a cost- and space-effective solution to locally infiltrate the rain water into the ground. The builder’s choice was the DRAIN-MAX tunnel system designed by INTEWA.


The system was constructed of 120 tunnel elements, distributed over two infiltration fields, with a net volume of 192 m3, covered by 1.75 m of soil. The elements are stackable so that the transportation costs are minimal. Thus, the executing company, Heizung und Sanitär Woltersdorf e.G. in Woltersdorf, Berlin, paid an amount of only 800 € for transportation. A middle section of the tunnel weighs only 40 kg, so that they can be handled easily on the building site.

The sections are linked together simply by putting the first rip on top of each other. Each row is terminated by start- or end calottes.

The system was covered completely by a filter fabric, overlapping approximately 20 cm..

For removing coarse dirt, each section was furnished with a monolithic INTEWA sedimentation filter slot, into which two DN200 and DN250 adduction pipes are emptied. The 100 % storage capacity of the DRAIN-MAX elements enables the ditch volume calculated according to ATV-A-138 to reach a minimum value.
The entire setup is depicted in the following diagram:


Sven Fredrich, the construction supervisor at Heizung und Sanitär Woltersdorf, was impressed by the DRAIN-MAX system after its installation: “The maximum storage capacity and the simple assembly of the tunnel sections minimize the costs of our construction work.”

However the costs of the materials are also optimal. The DRAIN-MAX system logically increases the storage capacity from 95 to 100%, compared to the usual synthetic systems. If we also take into account that transportation costs decreased by up to 90%, then these tunnel sections are currently the most cost-effective alternative for building drainage fields. Therefore the tunnel system beats many a gravel ditch system even for projects with large available surface areas.

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