Rainstore3 – Alternative to Pipe and Open Drains


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

Open drains in Malaysia perform the same function as pipe in many other parts of the world – collect and convey surface runoff from pavement and landscaped areas to nearby streams and rivers. When these open drains encounter a structure (road or building) then they must interface with a pipe or culvert type of conveyance product.

Rainstore3 can be used for conveyance, as well as storage (in fact it does both at the same time), and will not require an interface with pipe or culvert unless desired. At the same time Rainstore3 conveys water between rows of rings, water is stored temporarily with rings, and is allowed to exfiltrate into adjacent soils – reducing the volume of water reaching the rivers and ocean. Water will enter the Rainstore3 system clean because all trash and debris, and the majority of chemical pollutants, will be filtered by the sand filter placed above the product.

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