Rainstore3 Inlet Design


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

When designing the inlets to a Rainstore3 subsurface water storage system, there are a few items to consider beyond the calculations of water volume, velocity and pipe size. These items include: 1) Whether pipe should be used at all; 2) Centralized storage or De-centralized storage chambers to allow for various water quality issues; 3) Method of water filtration/treatment; 4) Location of inlet conveyance and method; 5) Flow Restrictions; and 6) Pipe Materials.

Alternative Inlet Methods

While pipe will usually be the first form of inlet method that comes to mind, it may not be the best choice in every given situation. For instance, if runoff from a certain surface will carry various forms of sediment, trash and/or vehicular pollutants, then a porous pavement cross-section placed directly above the Rainstore3 chamber would provide pre-filtration of the runoff before water enters the top of the chamber.

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