Rainstore3 insitu testing results


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

From 10 February to 17 February 2000 Invisible Structures Inc. (ISI) and Advanced Terra Testing, Inc. (ATT) conducted insitu testing on the Rainstore3 product produced by ISI. ISI excavated the test hole, installed the product per their specifications, and supplied and operated the loading vehicles. ATT installed the load cells and displacement transducers, organized the testing parameters, monitored the results of the installed equipment, observed the physical reactions of the roadbase and performed a forensic inspection on the excavated product after testing.

The testing plan consisted of constructing a 3x3 meter Rainstore3 infiltration structure 2.5 meters high installed by ISI to their specifications. ISI used thirty individual sections of the Rainstore3 product to form 1x1 meter by 2.5 meter prefabricated structures to complete the full size structure (Photograph 1). ATT installed monitoring equipment within the structure in order to observe displacement of the structure and the actual loading the structure experienced under different loading conditions. The loading conditions were placed on the structure with varied wheel loads provided by different vehicles with increasing axle loads. Two different loading conditions were planned for the structure; static loading provided by slowly driving the subject vehicle on top of the load cell and allowing it to remain there for several seconds, and dynamic loading provided by breaking the subject vehicle from a 5 mph roll on top of the load cell. After several tests it was noted that the dynamic loading from a 5 mph roll was nearly equivalent to the dynamic loading from breaking, and was easier to control; thus later tests included dynamic loading by rolling.

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