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Rainy Day Session Instruments

Rain and melted snow in the United States winter can cause runoff.  Such winter runoff causes the movement of soil or at least cloudy turbid water. This had been known to occur on native undisturbed lands. However, with the growth of the population, we see more and more development projects contributing turbid waters and soil debris to runoff. Winter runoff must be handled by the constructed drains and channels leading such runoff to rivers, lakes and the ocean.

The U.S. EPA has over the years put in place rainy period runoff standards. The Federal Standard EPA 180.1 and 40 CFR 450 are examples of these runoff protections. The States and Cities have followed suit with their own runoff protection requirements.

It is now incumbent upon developers, builders and consultants to be aware of these standards. The Standards require that runoff protections and diversions be in place. Also, field tests of the runoff fluid are to be made during the runoff event.  While runoff protections and field tests of runoff vary depending upon the infra-structure, they have come to include general state-of-art procedures.

These procedures almost always include tests of; Turbidity, pH, conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen (DO). The latest state-of-art instruments from water quality manufacturers have been multi-parameter instruments. Horiba and Hanna both make multi-parameter instruments with up to 13 parameters. Included with these instruments is the ability to locate yourself by the GPS system. Geotechnical Services, Inc. rents and sells such instruments used to quantify rainy weather runoff.

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