Raising awareness to prevent legionella

Understanding the dangers of contracting legionella

Understanding certain facts about legionella is essential when selecting and furthermore maintaining emergency safety showers and eyebath/facewash units. Hughes equipment is designed to minimise the risk of legionella.

“Employers are legally responsible for the health and safety of their employees and have a duty of care to the wider community,” says Tony. “The penalties for failure can be severe; the consequences can be disastrous and yet the solution is surprisingly simple.”

By understanding certain facts and the features you will be better informed to choose the right equipment.

FACTS – on legionella

  • Legionnaires' disease is a type of pneumonia.
  • It occurs more frequently in men than women and usually affects middle-aged or elderly people.
  • The bacterium which causes legionnaires' disease is Legionella pneumophila.
  • It mainly lives in water and thrives between 20ºC and 45ºC
  • People catch the disease by inhaling small droplets of water suspended in the air that contain the Legionella bacterium.
  • Water storage facilities and equipment that uses water are at particular risk.
  • Emergency showers and eyebath/facewash equipment should be designed to minimise this risk.
  • Good maintenance is essential to avoid legionella.

FEATURES – of Hughes products to combat legionella

  • pipes can be flushed effectively
  • there are no ‘dead legs’ to trap water
  • rust sludge cannot build up
  • pipe work is galvanised both internally and externally
  • nozzles can be easily removed and cleaned

ADVICE – to pass on to customers to help reduce the risk of legionella

  • Keep the temperature of static water outside the 20ºC to 45ºC range
  • Fit thermostats to heated water tanks to keep water below 20ºC
  • Insulate tanks and pipe work to control the temperature and avoid variations
  • Fit temperature gauges for an early indication of potential problems
  • Only use a potable water supply
  • Flush the system every week to reduce the risk of Legionella contamination and confirm that the system is operating correctly
  • Dose standing water with chlorine to kill the Legionella bacteria
  • Clean shower nozzles regularly
  • Replace eyebath diffusers and clean the eyebath filter every six months

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