Rapid Drawdown / Rapid Filling

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Courtesy of SoilVision Systems Ltd.

Rapid drawdown is one of the most severe loading conditions that can occur along drainage channels. During spring flooding the levels in canals can be high. Once the floodwaters recede, the levels in these drainage channels can drop quite rapidly and result in shallow slope failures. These shallow failures can lead to large slope deterioration if they are left unattended.

Analysis of rapid drawdown is commonly required for any earth levee design. There are two commonly used methods:

· Total stress method (Duncan three-stage)

· Effective stress method

SVSlope allows analysis by either of these methods. The traditional total stress analysis method is implemented in order to allow comparison in the software between the two. The effective stress method has typically been avoided in the past due to the inability of software to perform this type of analysis, but SVFlux and SVSlope allow easy analysis of effective stress scenarios.

To read more about how SVFlux and SVSlope handle rapid drawdown and rapid filling... click on the PDF version of this article.

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