Rapid Start Lamps Vs Mercury Arc Lamp


Courtesy of Alpha-Purify

We have recently had a little bit of confusion between our Rapid Start lamps and our Mercury Arc Lamps and their differing warranties.

So to clear up some of your concerns our Production Director Richard Cherry explains how they differ:

“It is true, a Rapid Start Lamp is just another version of a Mercury Arc Lamp.

However, we add a different fill gas to speed the run up of the lamp from cold to a use-able state.

This gas actually allows a higher current flow just after lamp ignition, this increases the amount of power which the lamp can take during this time hence reduces the ‘burn in’ time (the time it takes to get to a usable state).

These lamps are normally characterised by the additional external striker wire we add, which goes some way to overcome the increase in ignition voltage requirement with this fill gas.”

Due to this higher current during run-up, which gives the ‘rapid start’, the electrodes deteriorate much quicker than those in the standard Mercury Arc Lamps.

Since Rapid Start Lamps and Mercury Arc Lamps are in fact different lamps they do have different warranties which are both stated on our Quality Guarantee page.

Alpha-Cure guarantees 1000 hours* running time for every gallium and iron lamp.We guarantee 250 hours running time for every rapid start lamp.*When the lamp is run according to the manufacturer’s specifications

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