Ravensview Water Pollution Control Plant - City of Kingston, ON, Canada

The Ravensview Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) currently provides primary level treatment for wastewater
fromthe City of Kingston (including Pittsburgh Township and the Canadian Armed Forces Base located in Kingston). The existing process at Ravensview WPCP includes: mechanical screening for pre-treatment, primary treatment with chemical enhancement, sodium hypochlorite dosing for disinfection and sodiumbisulphite dosing for dechlorination.
The treated effluent is then discharged into the St. Lawrence River.

A study was completed in June 2004 to determine the client’s future needs and to ensure conformity with the provincial requirements (15 mg/L BOD5, 15 mg/L TSS, 0.08 mg/L TP and 5 mg/L ammonia). The results of the study indicated that an upgrade to a secondary level of treatment was necessary, as well as a capacity increase.  With the anticipated future growth in the community taken into account, new plant design values of 95 000 m3/d average daily flow 193 000 m3/d peak daily flow were taken into consideration.

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