RDF for cement kilns

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The use of the cement has significantly contributed to the worldwide economies. In fact cement is considered to be the second most consumed substance in our society and apparently the amount of it, used in construction, is more than double that of the total of all other building materials, including wood, steel, plastic and aluminium.
Nowadays the cement industry has important environmental responsibilities because the cement manufacturing process requires high temperatures which consume about ten times more energy than the average amount required by any other industry. The average energy required to produce one tonne of cement is equivalent to the combustion of approximately 120 kg of coal.

The cement industry has a great responsibility to manage the environmental impact required in the production of the cement and, employing waste as alternative fuel instead of the traditional fuel has solved some environmental aspects and problems.

Nowadays many plants derive up to 70% of their energy from alternative fuels. Although cement companies have traditionally burned in cement kilns coal, petroleum coke, and other fossil fuels, many of them have turned to alternative fuels, considering that the use of these fuels substitutes approximately 3.0 million tonnes of coal every year.

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