Re-used OIL - Level Measurement of Used Food Oil - Keeping it green;


SmartScan 50 L provides a reliable and accurate solution for level measurement of recycled food oil used as a supplement for poultry feed.

Fandango Collection & Recycling Ltd, is a well known supplier of food supplements for poultry feed mills. The company, located in Israel, collects used food oil, recycles and sells it to be used for poultry feed. Fandango has been leading a 'green' revolution since 1998, keeping environmental awareness in all aspects of its activities and has been rewarded by the local environmental authorities for its clean operation and recycling processes.

The Problems

The recycling process of the used food oil requires several steps in order to obtain the best purification quality Fandango is committed to. After filling the tank with used oil, the oil is being warmed for a period of 12 hours to allow its separation from other elements. When this stage is completed, the oil is being cooled for another 48 hours before its distribution to the feed mills. The company sought a solution that will provide it with constant measurement results of the oil level in its tanks.

Few of the tanks in which the used oil is being recycled, have a conical ending. When using an ultrasonic gauging device, the conical ending may cause difficulties to the ultrasonic ray path, resulting in an echo loss.

In addition, the oil is being warmed to separate it from other liquids (such as water), generating hot temperature of 80°C (176°F) inside the tank that create vapors and sticky air. The tank itself contains heaters that are responsible for keeping the hot temperature inside the tank. It also contains a ladder and a separator. These obstacles often cause acoustic interferences that may also result in a lost echo or inaccurate readings.

The Solutions

Fandango installed a SmartScan 50 L unit on top of a 7m (23ft) high oil tank. Designed as a two part system, the SmartScan sensor was installed on top of the tank while the electronic unit was located inside the office. In this way, constant level measurement results can be viewed locally on the SmartScan LCD display making it simple for the company to obtain the required data of the oil level inside the tank. To overcome the conical ending of the tank (approx.3.5m/11.48ft height), SmartScan was configured to initiate a special function that enables the unit to measure the full height of the tank while disregarding the conical part. In addition, SmartScan 50 could cope with the acoustic interferences and obstacles by using sophisticated software algorithm designed especially for that purpose. SmartScan 50 robust design assures its durability in very hot environments (up to 100 °C/212°F) and therefore made it feasible for it to achieve top performance in the hot and sticky environment inside the oil tank. 

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