REACH: next registration deadline is June 2013


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REACH: registration process.

The registration process for the producers and importers of substances, involves the obligation to submit to ECHA a dossier containing a wealth of information about the properties of substances and, in the absence of available data, the obligation to carry out experimental tests for characterize the physico-chemical, toxicological and environmental. 

The type of tests that must be performed to complete  the registration dossier is described in Annexes VII, VIII, IX and X of the REACH Regulation, according to the tonnage of production or import.

In addition, for the registration of a substance produced or imported in quantity equal to or greater than 10 tons for years is necessary to make a chemical safety report (CSR) where are listed in a detailed way the risks that the substance has, the exposure scenarios and possible measures to manage these risks.

REACH: obligations of companies 

The companies that manufacture or import substances in the quantities stated in the tonnage band due to expire, will have to contact the SIEF in the existing organization to determine how to join the registration dossier or purchase letter of access.

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