REACH Quality Assurance Manual

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The first wave of REACH registration in 2010 challenged everyone involved, regulators and registrants alike. As a service provider founded to respond to REACH, EcoMundo was in the front line. We have learned a lot from practical experience. While this manual’s primary target is our own rapidly growing staff, we are happy to share it with our business partners and beyond.

The REACH regulation not only changes the way substances will be placed on the market in the future, it also affects the marketplace itself as economic actors decide to stay in or exit from the sector in which they are present.

It is a rare regulation which carries so much weight over such large territory. The impact of REACH is felt in most economic sectors and on a global scale. The industry response must be commensurate to the scope of the challenge.

It has been said that REACH would endanger European competitiveness. EcoMundo believes otherwise: the economic players involved in REACH now will lead in the future, as the concept of REACH migrates to other parts of the world. This is indeed happening rapidly.

Because the stakes are so high, the leitmotiv throughout this manual is efficiency without losing quality. Lessons learned by us and others should be shared as we believe there is a common interest in a functioning REACH regulatory environment.

This manual is not set in stone. As the collective work of our REACH and toxicology teams, it will evolve over time through the contributions of our staff, as well as those from readers which will be much welcome.

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