Reaching Euro VI emissions limits

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Courtesy of Eco Physics Inc.

The requirements of low and lowest detectable exhaust analysis has prompted Eco Physics to launch a broad range of analyzers for NO/NOx detection. Emissions tuning is one of the targets of the EURO VI regulations as well as US EPA 2010, which are: Reduction of Particulate Matter (PM) and reduction of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). In the past 15 years – since the first European regulation for exhaust emissions EURO I – we have seen a continuous decrease of these emission thresholds for NOx, the decrease realized for newly developed engines was from 7g/kWh according EURO II to 2g/kWh for the actual EURO V. They are being extensively discussed at the Aachen Colloquium.

Cutting emission limits in half is an engineering challenge, which will not disappear: there is no doubt that these trends to lower allowances will continue. While particulates are reduced by filters (for diesel – DPF), the diminution of NOx is achieved by selective catalytic reductions (SCR). Here, the reducing agent ammonia receives the highest attention. For an efficient reduction in NOx, there are at least two catalysts required, the first for oxidation and the second after injection of the reducing agent for final conversion of NOx to N2.

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