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Reactive and real power compensation with DSTATCOM and BESS for mitigation of flicker

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Voltage flicker, a phenomenon of annoying light intensity fluctuation, caused by rapid change in industrial and domestic load such as electric arc furnaces (EAF), rolling mills, welding equipments and pumps operating periodically, has been a major concern for supply utilities, electricity regulatory agencies and costumers. The FACTS devices like SVC's, STATCOM and custom power devices like DSTATCOM have been able to solve the voltage flicker problems by rapidly controlling the reactive power. But, control of active power along with reactive power control helps to mitigate the voltage flicker problem more effectively. In this paper, voltage flicker mitigation of electric arc welder with DSTATCOM along with battery energy storage system (BESS) is analysed using the PSCAD/EMTDC software. The proposed algorithm controls the voltage oscillations and fluctuations. The mathematical model of resistance welder suitable for the flicker phenomenon is presented. The dynamic operation is investigated using this algorithm.

Keywords: power quality, voltage flicker, STATCOM, battery energy storage systems, BESS, ESS, light intensity fluctuation, FACTS devices, reactive power control, voltage oscillations, mathematical modelling, resistance welding

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