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Reading, Pennsylvania Installations - Case Study


Courtesy of Pulsed Hydraulics, Inc.

Mix a 15,000,000 gallon water reservoir (300’ diameter) to maintain equal temperature and chlorine residual throughout the reservoir.

The system needed to be in its own all-weather outdoor enclosure.

The system was designed with 16 bubble forming plates with their location in the tank determined by the CFD model and included two PHI-500 enclosures that each house PHI 360 components and a 15 hp compressor. Using two compressors connected and controlled by the PHI software limits the start surge power to prevent the plant's outdated electrical infrastructure from overloading.

Temperature readings taken from customer's predetermined test points showed a temperature differential of 1/10T between all test locations. Prior to PHI mixer installation and start-up, the reservoir water was stratified and readings showed a 6° F temperature variance.

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