Real-time air emissions monitoring

Due to increasingly rigorous requirements for regulatory and permit compliance, organizations are seeking more from all compliance support systems. The ability to expand systems to encompass new, or migrate existing, regulatory calculations used to monitor environmental performance is vital. Planning strategically for a scalable and sustainable system has been shown to reduce overall compliance costs. Currently, much spending goes to implementation of short-term tactical solutions which are generally customized in existing software tools such as Microsoft Excel or Access. These solutions do not easily support changes to compliance monitoring and increasing demands for more emissions data at more frequent intervals.

In 2003, the BP Texas City site began the search for a strategic solution to meet their air emissions calculations and monitoring needs. Rather than deploy several costly tactical solutions for several new incoming air emissions regulations, BP Texas City decided to invest the time and resources up front to find a commercially available software solution to meet their ever expanding needs. Essential to this initiative was a goal to improve the information systems architecture for Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) personnel. This project included a formal evaluation of software packages to arrive upon a decision to use Mustang/Ellipsys E!CEMS Suite of software.

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