Real-time Total Microbial Measurement For Water Distribution Systems


Courtesy of LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

A well-managed water distribution system is essential for maintaining a healthy water supply. The World Health Organization, the directing and coordinating authority on health (World Health Organization, 2008), has compiled the Water Safety Plan which reflects this. With over 2.3 million deaths per year caused by water born diseases (Davidson, et al., 2005), safeguarding water systems is of paramount concern. The three key components that make up a Water Safety Plan (WSP) are:

  1. Setting health-based targets and performing a system assessment - Is the drinking water system capable of meeting regulatory and health-based targets? 
  2. Operational monitoring - Identify control measures in the drinking water system and examine critical control points.   
  3. Management plans- Document system assessment and describe actions taken during various operational situations.  

Unfortunately, these illnesses are often very preventable. As part of an effective HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) program, high-risk areas within the water system are identified and closely monitored through proactive monitoring and control rather than responding to problems long after they had become significant issues. 

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