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Client's Situation: A top tier electronics OEM is required to take back products in 25 states to comply with increasingly complex producer responsibility laws. They have a network of recyclers to service a corporate recovery program, a consumer mail-back program, a retail program, local events and a network of consumer collection sites. Before working with OnePak, their recyclers bundled logistics costs into their recycling costs. The OEM had no visibility into what was loaded onto trucks at the collection sites nor what was actually delivered to the recyclers. They relied entirely on what the recyclers reported in order to compensate the collection sites and report commodities at the state level. They were concerned that unauthorized commodities were being collected and that inaccurate reporting could jeopardize compliance.

OnePak Solution: The Takeback Management System provides both the logistics resources and data gathering and reporting power to comply with federal and state regulations. OnePak's system enables OEMs to:

  • Manage their self-ship consumer program, events and retail collection programs nationwide.
  • Report program costs and volumes at the state, program and commodity level.
  • Hold all collection sites and recyclers accountable through a fully transparent system.
  • Run ONE report for state compliance that comprises all activities of five national programs.

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