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Realising the promise of genomics: exploring governance

The tremendous potential of genomics to contribute to significant healthcare innovations in the developing world will not be realised without attention to governance. Governments, industries and citizens will encounter numerous ethical issues in achieving a balance between risk management and the promotion of the benefits of genomics. We need a governance mechanism that maintains a balance between the global public goods characteristics of genomics knowledge and the private goods nature of its application. Networks may well be an appropriate way of preventing a bleak future of increasing disparities between industrialised and developing countries. An informed debate that attempts to exchange the politics of polarisation with a truly participatory process would be worth pursuing. Consequently, this paper proposes a Global Genomics Initiative (GGI) that would provide such a forum.

Keywords: genomics, governance models, global public goods, GPG, global genomics initiative, GGI, biotechnology, healthcare innovation, developing countries, health needs, risk management, benefits

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